Armature Repair Services

Armature Rewinding

We rewind many different shapes and sizes of armatures. Below are specifications as to the minimum and maximum sizes we rewind. If you have a question about your specific application, please call us to verify that we have the proper resources to complete your project.

Overall Length Core Diameter Wire Size (Round Wire Only)
Minimum N/A 9/16 inch 42 gauge
Maximum 36 inches 7 inches 13 gauge

Field Coil Rewinding

We also rewind round wire field coils and form wound coils. Please contact us for an estimate on your specific application.

Specialty Rewinding

We also first time wind or rewind large quantities of armatures or field coils. If you have a special application need, we can custom wind or convert data and/or voltage to your specifications. Proto-type armatures or fields are also serviceable.


Our warranty period is 90 days from the invoice date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us about warranty information.

Rush Service

Emergency rush service is available at extra cost. The turnaround time for rush service is 1-3 business days depending on size.